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What Types of Lighted Signs Are Available?

Lighted Signs

There are numerous advantages to lighted signs – they’re very visible and can greatly improve a company’s visibility. This extra visibility can also help increase profits and sales. But how do they work? How do you design one for your needs? Here are some things to consider when installing or choosing new signs in and around your property.


Modern technology and software allow manufacturers to create the perfect lighted signs in just a few minutes with minimal effort. They come with numerous options that include text, graphics, and color. Plus, the signs can be designed with specific requirements in mind, such as being LED compatible, having a certain shape or having a certain size. In addition, they can be printed on any type of ink, including neon, latex, or PVC. Modern digital display signs are easy to install, which is great if you need signage for a short-term project, like an outdoor advertising campaign, or if you need your signs quickly.


Most lighted signs come in multi-color and multiple-alpha options. Many companies use these types of signs because they offer increased visibility at night and in poor visibility conditions during the day. The most popular options include pylon signs and LED lightbox signs. Pylon signs are made from heavy-duty, weather-resistant, vinyl materials.


LED lighted signs are available in single, double, or triple packages. A single package consists of a luminous core, a substrate, and a front-lit channel letter sign. A double package contains a luminous core and a substrate and a rear-lit channel letter sign. A triple package has a luminous core, a substrate, and a front-lit letter sign. Each of these options provide varying levels of visibility and suit different applications.


Some signs have added features, such as LED indicators. These helpful indicators can be customized according to the content of your message. Many lighting solutions also include LED signs and LED indicators that are used as standalone signage or can be used in conjunction with other LED technology. LED signs and LED indicators can be used on existing business signs, on street signs and banners, or can be used as overlay signage. They can even be used to add a new layer of branding to your storefront.


Lighted Monument Signs can be used to mark important strategic places, such as doors, exits, entrances, patios, loading zones, or other areas that should be highly visible and easy to find. A variety of monument signs are available, including those that feature a bronze or cast iron base, textured black or grey surface, stamped metal, brushed aluminum, and more. However, not all monument signs are black! Neon signs are a great choice for adding color to your signage, but you may want to consider using pylon signs instead for visibility and longevity.